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Adorable kittens walking on grass for the first time! Sooo cute!!

Kitten's Background Story:
It all started when we found two very small kittens living in our garage. It seemed that something happened to the mother, because she was not around. We ended up feeding the kittens, and allowing them to live in our garage. These kittens were very feral, and would not come close to any human. We named them Missy, and JaJa. Growing up, the kitties started to trust us more and more. Jaja was always skeptical and maintained her distance. However, Missy became comfortable enough to eat beside us, but would not allow us to pet her. About six months later, Jaja disappeared. We do not know what happened to her, and to this day, have not seen her since. At the same time, Missy got pregnant. At this point, Missy allowed us to pet her, and she loved it. She became very affectionate, she would meow every time we walked in the garage, and run to our legs to rub up against them. A couple months later, she gave birth to a litter of five kittens. We continuously provided a safe shelter for Missy and her kittens to live in, and continuously provided her food (and her kittens once they were old enough to eat). Once they were old enough, we gave three kittens away to very trusting individuals with safe homes. The black kitten, Sylvester, and the orange kitten, Oliver, have not found a new home yet. Meanwhile, during the searching process, we are taking care of them, along with Missy. They love to be petted, they love to play, they love the attention, they love to play fight with each other, etc. They are domesticated kittens, that come from a feral mother. Therefore, they are wild in nature.

More videos to come!


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