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This waterproof bed cover is for pet owners who wish to protect their bedding or other furniture from normal pets' accidents, pets' hair, dirt, and other messes. There is no more need for shower curtains, garbage bags, hospital pads, tarps, multiple blankets on top of your bed!

Millions of people allow their pets on the bed, and use various products to protect their bedding from pet shedding, hairball problems, dirt from outside, incontinence, pet illnesses. The problem arises at night, when a person needs to sleep under such product, which is non-breathable, crinkly, heavy, hot, smelly, and possibly toxic to pets. Have a good night sleep any time of the year with this lightweight waterproof non-toxic pet cover, without worrying about frequent sheets washings, or rushing your comforter to the dry cleaners.

Pet hair will mostly stick to the surface and won't fly around the room. Pet hair is easily vacuumed or lint rolled. In case of accidents, spills, dirt: no need to unpin or unzip, just toss into the washing machine. Smaller accidents can be simply wiped with wet paper or cloth.

I have been a donor to various animal causes around the world for years, with a strong focus on community cats. My donations will continue with every pet bed cover sold.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for your support!

Important: use as a liner if your pets – mostly cats – have untrimmed/sharp claws and they tend to scratch or knead. Scratching/kneading could puncture the waterproof layer.

Care Instructions:
1. Clean spills with damp paper or cloth. Spot-treat smaller accidents to avoid a full machine wash.
2. Machine washable in warm water. Use regular or pet-friendly detergent. Do not use bleach, vinegar, or other harsh products as they might damage the waterproof material.
3. Tumble dry in low/delicate heat. Drying with high heat can damage the waterproof material.PROTECTION: This pet sheet protects your bedding from hair, dirt, and any other messes that come along with your pet
DESIGN: It is reversible in 2 shades, to be used on the bed, couch, sofa, car seat, crate, floor, and other furniture
SPECS: This bed and mattress protective liner for pets is made up of a lightweight, breathable, and waterproof material which keeps dirt, moisture, and odors away
SIZES: This bed and furniture protector comes in King and Queen size, covering and protecting your entire bed. Suitable for all, from small to large pets.
EASY MAINTENANCE: Easy to clean, wash and dry; or can be simply wiped and spot-treated.

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