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The interactive cat toy that stimulates your cat's natural instinct to hide, hunt, stalk and pounce. Sheer Fun takes play time to the next level, making it more challenging and fun! Simple yet effective. Versatile, to accommodate different cats preferred way to play. Old toys become new when placed underneath the sheer fabric. Exercises your cat's mind AND body. Helps decrease behaviors caused by boredom, anxiety, and stress. Easy to move around the house and use in a variety of ways. A safe retreat for your cat to see and not be seen (well, they think you can't see them) Small, discreet and quiet. A fantastic way to play and bond with your cat! Every purchase helps a cat in need. Made in the USA Includes: 18″ x 32″ durable sheer fabric with Crinkle Paper sewn in the edges (please note: small punctures in the sheer fabric are normal from teeth and nails) VELCRO brand loop fasteners sewn on two corners of the sheer (please note: for safety reasons, these are purposely small for easy release) Two 2.5″ adhesive VELCRO brand hook fasteners for securing sheer under sturdy furniture. To get the fun started, one 2″ (5mm thick) 100% Merino wool Felt toy (non toxic dye) U.S. Patent Nos. 9,743,644 and D733,367. All rights reserved.fabric cat toy