I really wish there was a flat dollar amount that I could give to people when they ask how much does a cat cost per month.  But, there isn’t.

Now you ask.. Why?  Because it depends on several factors.how-much-does-a-cat-cost-per-month

If you’re looking for a flat monthly amount, I can tell you from my experience, be prepared to spend near $100 a month on your cat.  If you have more than one (1) cat, the cost definitely increases, but there are certain things that the cats can share.  Read on to find out how much a cat cost annually and what factors make the difference.

What does it depend on?

1) Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat:

In general, indoor cats will cost less because they do not have to get as many shots and treatments as outdoor cats do.  An outdoor cat is required to get certain vaccines (shots) and use a flea protection liquid on a monthly basis.

Sad story follows – read at your own risk:  Outdoor cats also run the risk of getting in an accident, or a fight with another animal, which could lead to cuts, broken bones, blood, and possibly death (we’ve lost a cat to the pizza guy’s car :()

Outdoor cats will rack up those veterinary and medication bills more than indoor cats.

The indoor vs outdoor cat factor is probably the most important when trying to figure out how much does a cat cost a month, but these other factors can make an impact as well…

2) Which breed of feline do you have:

Some breeds of cat will eat more, therefore have to use their litter more often, which means you have to buy more food and cat litter.

Other breeds will be very playful, and thus you will find yourself inclined to buy cat nip and toys for them to play with.  On top of that, some cats need to exercise their claws, so your couch might take a beating or you will have to buy a scratching post.

Some breeds of cats will shed more than other, therefore cleaning your home becomes more expensive over the months and years, which could really mess with your accounting.

3) The behavior of your cat:

Going along with the differences that each breed of cat brings – every cat’s personality is different.

If you have a mischievous cat, you may find yourself buying new lamps, chairs, and carpet more often than your neighbor.

There are probably more factors that determine how much you will be spending on your cat every month or year.  Make sure you let your friends know that you know how to determine how much a cat costs per month.

Please comment below to share your opinion and thoughts – everyone’s experience is different and we can all learn from one another!