Are you having a difficult time training your cat? One of the most simple and powerful cat training devices is called a cat training clicker.

What is it?best-cat-clickers-for-training-your-cat

A cat training clicker is basically a small device that makes a “clicking” sound. It’s nothing complicated. It just clicks.

How does it work?

When your cat does something you want to reward, click your clicker and reward the furry feline. Make the clicking noise at the moment that your cat does the good behavior, and never forget to reward the cat afterward.

Pet the kitty. Give him or her a treat. Make it clear that good behavior will be rewarded.

This technique is effective because it uses both operant and classical conditioning. Operant conditioning is learning by reward or punishment. Reward your cat following good behavior.

Classical conditioning is learning by associating an action with a stimulus. The cat learns to associate the clicking noise with the reward, and strives to behave in a way that leads to a click.

By clicking at the exact instant, the cat will quickly learn which actions are good and bad.

Tips for Training a Cat with Clickers

Just a few things to keep in mind when using a cat training clicker:

  • Only use your clicker for behavior that should be rewarded. Don’t use it for punishment. It’s simply not effective.
  • Don’t reward your cat too much. Try to keep your clicks down to five or six times a day. If you click too much, your kitty could get bored.

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