Adding a new puppy to your family is an exciting time and can be overwhelming for both the puppy and the new owner. Adjusting your life to care for a puppy and helping the puppy adjust can require some patience. One of the more enjoyable duties is getting to name your new puppy. Ideally, you and your family will agree on a name that is appropriate for the dog's personality.cute-puppy-names-over-1300-adorable-ideas-for-naming-your-dog-1

This is a big responsibility since chosen name is permanent. You can choose a popular and timeless dog name such as Jake or Lady. If there are children involved in the puppy naming, be prepared to consider cartoonish names. Some people name their dog after an influential actor, singer or political figure. Most importantly, be creative!

Naming Tips
There are some good tips that will help you to choose the perfect name for your new puppy.

Make sure to choose a name that you are sure will still be one you like in ten years. A healthy dog will live over fifteen years, so choosing a timeless name is important. Take your time, there is no reason that the puppy has to be named right away. Take some time to get a feel for their personality.


While some people choose to give a puppy a long name or several names, shorter is generally easier. You will feel pretty silly calling out three names to get your puppy to come to you in the park, or having to use a five-syllable name every time you speak to your dog. If you do choose a long name or multiple names, make sure that a shorter nickname can be used when convenient.

Naming a new puppy should be a family affair with input coming from all of the people who will be caring for the puppy. Try picking a select group of names from the suggestions of all family members and then choosing one with a vote. If this doesn't work, leave it to fate and throw all the names into a hat and choose the first one that is pulled out.

You may want to use humor when naming your pet. For example, if you know that your puppy is a runt or really small, choose a name that suggests that they are a large dog, such as Bruiser or Giant and visa-versa.

Take your time in naming your new puppy and have fun in the process. Your puppy will be a member of your family and needs to have a name that will be liked for a long time.

Using the Name
Once you have decided on a name, use it as often as possible when interacting with your puppy – especially when they do something positive. Do not use the name when scolding the puppy as this could cause them to associate the name with negative attention. You want them to connect the name with positive attention, as this will promote obedience. If they associate the name with scolding, they will not want to come when called.






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