Orphaned kittens and puppies raised in foster care. Cute kittens are playing with an adorable puppy and are raised by a dog that is not the mother of the puppy.

Adopt, dont buy while shelter animals dieThis is the Play Doh Puppies Playset with Kibble Kranker toy review. Mold cute little puppies out of Play-Doh and use the basket and bowl molds to create playdoh dog food and treats for them. Set includes doggy dish and bed, 4 cans of PLAY-DOH tan, brown, white, and red, KIBBLE KRANKER tool, momma dog figure, basket mold and bowl mold. Give your momma dog a mop of hair, help her make paw prints and then use the tool to make lots of puppy food. This Play-Doh Puppies Playset ranks up with the Play-Doh Doctor Drill N Fill Playset as my favorite. Its really easy to do-it-yourself, in this tutorial i will show you how to place Play Dough in the head, pushing down to allow the puppies tongue to extend or hair to grow. Includes molds for making bones, teddy bears, fire hydrants, bacon, steaks, and a litter of puppies Special Appearance by Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Doctor. With this playset you can also make Play Doh Kittens. My very first toy review for 2014. THX 4 watching this Juego Perrito Jugueton from toychannel Disneycollector.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Watch my video Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe Playset where I will show you how to make homemade soft-serve ice cream cone desserts, Popsicles, Lollipops, Cake, Cookies, Ice-Cream Sundae and even decorate a cake. Watch at:

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…I have a new addition to the family.
Who says I cant make cutesy videos? lol
Lets see how many comments i get from people saying they were waiting for the kitten to go pop lol
very evil cat as cat trying to avoid camera
Currently working on my halloween video, stay tuned ..its a corker )
funny and epic

Up on a housetop

23 August 2010
After a visit to the vets this morning we find our cat Cosmo has got leukaemia and the FIV virus and his white cell count gone through the roof. its irreversible and no treatment can be done 🙁

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